Lincoln Park
Elementary School
no alternative text given Dress Code:
We follow the Superintendent’s Dress Code Policy with clothing that does not detract from the educational atmosphere.
Dress Code Reminder:
   1.  Tennis Shoes - sandals, flip flops, shoes with roller balls or dress shoes are not acceptable.  Safety is the concern for the student.
   2.  Shorts/Skirts - must be acceptable length within the bounds of decency and in good taste.  Shorts and skirts should be no shorter than mid thigh.  Writing on the back of shorts, skirts, or pants are not permitted.  Sagging is not permitted.  Shorts and/or skirts may not be tight or form fitting.
   3.  Shirts - tee shirts, sport shirts with sleeves are permitted.  Blouses with "spaghetti straps" and shirts with large arm holes which show the body are not permitted.  A shirt must be worn underneath this type of clothing.  Language/words, gang signs, gang pictures on clothing are also not permitted.  Shirts may not be tight or form fitting.
   4.  Head Coverings - hats or other types of head coverings are not to be permitted inside the building.  The exception is for religious or medical purposes.
   5.  Make-up/hair color/artificial fingernails - are not permitted anytime at the elementary grade level.  Eye irritations from makeup or broken nails from artificial nails are concerns for the well being of the children.  The hair color is a distraction for other children in the classroom.
Principal - Karla Case
(614) 365-5524  |   579 E. Markison Ave. Columbus, OH 43207
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